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CU-500 for Large Systems like DC-5150 Underwater Well and Borehole Camera
CU-500 for DC-5150 Underwater Well Camera
CU-500 Borehole Camera Control Unit with Monitor Display

The newly released CU500 is the latest technology for the control unit for our large deep water systems.  It serves as the video source, power supply, functions controller and counter for our deep water systems.  The control unit offers variable voltage to the well camera while displaying high voltage and camera current meters.  The footage counter and video display can be calibrated in the field and allows the user to preset or reset the counter on the screen along with the ability to change the location of the numbers on the screen. 

Last Updated Saturday, October 20, 2018 - 09:54 PM.

Buying this camera has been a HUGE step for us.  Thanks for coming out with a great product.  This camera has made our company complete, and made a HUGE difference in our professionalism.

– Gary Shawver, Shawver Well Company