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Vehicle Mounted

  • <b>Title:</b> DC-5150 Interior Compartment: Control Unit, Joystick, and Video Monitors<br/>
  • <b>Title:</b> DC-5150 Van System Seating<br/>
  • <b>Title:</b> DC-5150 Vehicle Mounted Overhead Boom for Depths Up to 5,000 Feet<br/>
  • <b>Title:</b> DC-5150 Vehicle Mounted Rear Telescoping Boom for Boreholes and Water Wells<br/>


Vehicle Mounted

  • Fully self-contained vehicle is always "ready to go"
  • Easy to maneuver at job sites
  • Spacious work area and counter top; room for several to view monitor simultaneously
  • Generous accessory storage area
  • Comfortable, climate-controlled environment
  • New Ford, Chevrolet, GMC or Dodge cargo vans with air conditioning, power brakes power steering, automatic transmission and AM/FM radio
  • Other vehicle installations also available (SUVs, high cube vans, pick-up campers and mini-vans).


Suburban Installation

  • Custom Adjusting Table with Fold Down Work Station
  • Up To 4,000 feet (1,219.2 m) of Cable
  • Full Monitor Rack and Electronics Cabinet
  • Tripod Assembly
  • Operator's Chair and Passenger Seat
  • Hydraulic System Install


Laval 4x4 Extreme Vehicle Option Now Available!

  • Ford E-350 1 Ton, GVWR 9,500
  • 6.8L V-10 or 6.0L Diesel
  • Advanced Adapters Atlas II All Gear Driven Transfer Case
  • Dynatrac Pro-Roc 60 Front Axle
  • Dana 60 Rear Axle
  • High Knuckle Front End for Extra Tie Rod Clearance
  • Extra Heavy Duty Steering Arm
  • Horizontal Drag Link Eliminates Bump Steer
  • Spicer 1350 One-Ton Rated Driveline Components
  • Your choice of Open, Limited Slip, or Locking Differentials
  • Partial Military Wrap Springs Vehicle
Last Updated Tuesday, November 24, 2020 - 12:41 PM.

I hoped we would use our new R-CAM 1000 at least 1 time per month... but we're averaging closer to 10. Plus, I don't have to subcontract the work out to my competition anymore, and I'm picking up a bunch of additional well rehab work.

– Al Boone, Boone Water Systems, Inc.