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Switch Box Controller

Command a whole new level of control from your Laval Underground Surveys Deep Water System with the new Switch Box Controller for the DC5150 and CU500. The Switch Box Controller has a newly designed control interface that makes controlling the DC5150 easier than ever:

  • Rotating lighting intensity knob for selecting the optimum amount of light output in both side-view and down-view.
  • Intuitive switches for toggling between down and side view lights and cameras.
  • Fine-tuning focus switch for dialing in the ideal camera image.
  • Toggle switch for rotating the side view camera clockwise or counterclockwise.

The Switch Box Controller is a direct replacement for the joystick controller that accompanied many older DC5150 and R-2000, camera models. It is a direct, plug-and-play accessory for the CU500 control unit. The Switch Box Controller is available now for $375 via or by calling Laval Underground Surveys at (559) 251-1396.

Last Updated Tuesday, September 22, 2020 - 09:41 PM.

The KEY to selling the R-CAM 1000 is keeping one in stock.

– Del Story,CoastPump, 2006