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Telescoping Boom

Telescoping Boom on our DC-5150 Vehicle System
Reel on Boom for Water Well Camera
Telescoping Boom Bolted Down to Trailer System for Water Wells
DC-5150 Telescoping Boom for Boreholes and Water Wells
DC-5150 Attached to Telescoping Boom in Trailer System

An inside telescoping boom to keep all equipment inside the vehicle at all times.  Telescopes out for easy cable transfer to water wells and boreholes.  Compact model remains concealed within the vehicle for security and protection.

Last Updated Monday, October 22, 2018 - 12:05 PM.

If you’re paying me to pull a pump, a camera is a very cheap insurance policy for the well owner.  If there’s a sand problem and we didn’t fix it, it will cost a lot more later down the road.

– Jimmy Laws,Professional Well and Pump