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R-Cam 1300 Winch

R-CAM Winch of Depths up to 1,300 Feet for Water Wells
Winch Motor on R-CAM Water Well Camera
Electronic Encoder for Accurate Footage of Boreholes and Water Wells

A portable 12 VDC electric powered reel equipped with a variable speed motor and 1,300 feet (400m) of coaxial cable is used to lower or raise the camera in the well. The coaxial cable is lightweight and Kevlar reinforced for strength. A shelf is located on the reel assembly to support the R-Cam Control Unit during operation.

An extendable boom arm on the reel assembly supports the camera over the well when lowering or raising the camera during the survey. An electronic encoder is mounted at the boom head and is used to display accurate footage information of the camera’s depth on the control unit video monitor. When the system is not in use the boom arm can be repositioned for easier storage, by simply removing the locking pin at the base of the boom arm, removing and rotating the arm 180 degrees, placing the arm back on the base and replacing the pin.

The winch is equipped with a 100 pulse per revolution, optical encoder to calculate the length of cable at any time.

Last Updated Wednesday, October 21, 2020 - 10:32 PM.

I hoped we would use our new R-CAM 1000 at least 1 time per month... but we're averaging closer to 10. Plus, I don't have to subcontract the work out to my competition anymore, and I'm picking up a bunch of additional well rehab work.

– Al Boone, Boone Water Systems, Inc.